1441946-junior thumb
Junior: Complete Year One Story Levels

1441948-senior thumb
Senior: Complete Year Two Story Levels

1441949-prefect thumb
Prefect: Complete Year Three Story Levels

1441950-head boy thumb
Head-Boy: Complete Year Four Story Levels

1441951-teachers pet thumb
Teacher's Pet: Complete All Story Lessons (single player only)

1441952-story complete thumb
Story Complete: Complete the Story Levels In All Four Years

1441953-crest collector thumb
Crest Collector: Collect all the Hogwarts House Crests In Year One

1441954-crest fanatic thumb
Crest Fanatic: Collect all the Hogwarts House Crests In Year Two

1441956-ultra collector thumb
Ultra Collector: Collect all the Hogwarts House Crests In Year Three

1441957-the ultimate collector thumb
The Ultimate Collector: Collect all the Hogwarts Crests In Year Four

1441958-power up thumb
Power Up: Collect All Of The Red Bricks (single player only)

1441959-the bonus level is yours thumb
The Bonus Level Is Yours: Collect All Of The Gold Bricks (single player only)

1441960-student rescue thumb
Student Rescue: Rescue All Students In Peril (single player only)

1441963-stud magnet thumb
Stud Magnet: Get True Wizard In Every Level (single player only)

1441964-you re the best thumb
You're The Best: Complete The Game To 100% (single player only)

1441965-dark wizards thumb
Dark Wizards: Buy Every Version of Voldemort (Quirrell/Tom Riddle/Voldemort) (single player only)

1441967-quick quidditch thumb
Quiditch Team: Buy The Entire Gryffindor Quiditch Team From Book One (single player only)

1441968-back in time thumb
Back In Time: Use The Time-Turner

1441969-building blocks thumb
Building Blocks: Complete the LEGO Builder Tutorial Levels (single player only)

1441970-good dog thumb
Good Dog: Defeat 20 Enemies With Fang

1441971-wonderful weasleys thumb
Wonderful Weasleys: Buy the entire Weasley Family (single player only)

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