Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is a purchasable character in Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 and a following story party member in Harry Potter: Years 5-7.

Professor Dumbledore

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Dumbledore (Purple)

Dumbledore (Young)

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Philosopher's Stone,

Chamber of Secrets,

Prisoner of Azkaban,

Goblet of Fire,

Order of the Phoenix,

Half-Blood Prince,

Deathly Hallows,

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He is the Headmaster of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry, The One Who Placed The Mirror Erised as the last Philosopher's Stone Obstacle, Owner of the Phoenix Fawkes and brother of Aberforth Dumbledore the propietor of the Hog's Head.

Year OneEdit

Dumbledore first appears in the Intro Cutscene transporting a Baby Harry to the Dursleys Doorstep following Hagrid's Crash landing delivery and the mistaken identity of Minerva McGonagall.

He appears again to Harry in his first Hogwarts Castle visit in Year One at the Great Hall Sorting applauding as Harry makes it into Gryffindor.

He is seen again in the second level Out Of The Dungeon Intro Cutscene at the Great Hall Halloween Feast being warned by Quirinus Quirrell that a Mountain Troll has escaped.

He appears again in the fourth level The Restricted section as mysteriously entering the Restricted Section of the library for which Harry and Ron follow.

Harry and Ron follow Dumbledore into the different rooms he goes through until they come to the Chamber Holding the Mirror Of Erised.

After seeing their hearts desires Dumbledore catches them and sends them off to bed stating with his hand it to be late.

Dumbledore then approaches the mirror and shines the Philosopher's Stone at it.

Dumbledore finally appears in the Finish Story Cutscene following the final level Face Of The Enemy in the Hospital Wing with Harry.

Dumbledore accidentally sits by the wrong patient at first but later realizes his mistake and shows Harry three large chests of Berti Botts Beans he had carted in.

Ron jumps straight into the middle chest and Hermione takes a bean from the right chest supposedly having a nice flavour.

Dumbledore then joins them and tries a bean from the left chest supposedly with a very bad taste.

He then burps out a bubble.

Year TwoEdit

Dumbledore appears again in the fourth level of Year Two: Tom Riddle's Diary as a Memory Character in Black and Grey.

He stands on the Marble Staircase overlooking Moaning Myrtle's body before accusing Tom Riddle.

He is seen again in the following level: Follow The Spiders at Hagrid's Hut with Cornelius Fudge as they are about to escort Hagrid to Azkaban.

Lucius Malfoy bursts in however and shows another requested prisoner picture this time of himself.

He is seen finally in Year Two in the Finish Story Cutscene in his office discussing with Lucius Malfoy the Diary.

He passes Harry the diary which then lends to Dobby's Freedom.

Dumbledore appears finally in the cutscene at the Great Hall as Hermione enters follow her resusitation from the Mandrake Draft.

He also overlooks as Hagrid returns and enters for which he applauds along with the other staff members.

Year ThreeEdit

Dumbledore appears in Year Three in the Outro Cutscene of News From Azkaban announcing the teachers Rubeus Hagrid and Remus Lupin.

Dumbledore appears again in The Shrieking Shack as coming to Hagrid's House with Macnair and Cornelius Fudge.

He appears again in Dementor's Kiss as Hermione is informed by him to use the Time Turner and also appears as a memory character.

Year FourEdit

Dumbledore appears in the Outro Cutscene of the Quiditch World Cup as announcing the Goblet Of Fire to Harry, Ron, Hermione and the others at Hogwarts and the Triwizard Tournament.

He appears in the intro cutscene of the First Task, Black Lake and the Dark Lord Returns.

In the final task he is seen showing the champions a holographic image of the maze with the triwizard cup in the middle.

The image is shown in his office.

He is then seen in the Outro of the Dark Lord Returns and the Finish Story Cutscene.

Year FiveEdit

Dumbledore appears in the fifth year and onward as a playable party member in the story events.

He appears firstly in Year Five in the second level: Wizengamont in the Midtro Cutscene where he argues with Cornelius Fudge and then playable in the final part of the level alongside Harry.

He is then lastly played in the sixth and final level of Order Of The Phoenix: Department Of Mysteries battling Lord Voldemort along with Harry at the Ministry of Magic Fountain Square.

He then appears in the Finish Story Cutscene offering a heartfelt apology with flowers to Harry for ignoring him all year up until the battle.

Year SixEdit

Dumbledore appears as a playable character in the first level of Half-Blood Prince: Debabbington alongside Harry until they reach Horace Slughorn's House.

He appears for the second last time as a playable character in the story in the fifth level: The Last Memory accompanying Harry as a Memory Character where they witness Professor Slughorn show a scroll graphic of how to make a Horcrux.

Dumbledore then escorts Harry through apparating to the Cave where they traverse across the lake to the pedestal.

They are happened upon by legions of Inferi for which Dumbledore can only ward off with Wardi Tempus.

He then appears int he sixth level: Flight Of The Prince Opening Cutscene where he is killed by Professor Snape on the Astronomy Tower falling down below into Hagrid's Parked Wheelburrow.

Year SevenEdit

A Trick Sppoky Spell in the form of Dumbledore appears in the Weasley Wedding Level of Year Seven Part One as the group enter Grimmauld Place.

Dumbledore appears when Harry is hit by Avada Kedavra in the fifth Deathly Hallows Part Two Level: Heaven and Hell to Harry.

This is the last time he is played as a party member in a story level.


  • Wardi Tempus
  • Avifors (Unlockable Spell Years 5-7)

Deathly HallowsEdit


*Philosopher's Stone *

  • The Magic Begins''
  • Out Of The Dungeon''
  • The Restricted Section''
  • Face Of The Enemy''
  • Chamber Of Secrets
  • Floo Powder!
  • Tom Riddle's Diary
  • Follow The Spiders
  • The Basilisk
  • Prisoner Of Azkaban
  • News From Azkaban
  • Hogsmeade
  • The Shrieking Shack
  • Dementor's Kiss
  • The Dark Tower
  • The Quiditch World Cup
  • The First Task
  • The Black Lake
  • The Dark Lord Returns
  • Order Of The Phoenix
  • Wizengamont
  • Occlumency
  • Educational Degree Number Twenty Four
  • Department Of Mysteries
  • Half-Blood Prince
  • Debabbington
  • Felix Felicis
  • Weasley-King
  • The Last Memory
  • Flight Of The Prince
  • Deathly Hallows
  • Heaven and Hell
  • "Return of the Dead

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