Aragog is an Acromantula Boss Character in Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 Chamber Of Secrets fifth level Follow The Spiders.

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Harry Potter


Chamber Of Secrets

He is the husband spider of unseen character Mosag and father of teh Acromantula Colony of the Forbidden Forest that appear as enemies in Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Deathly Hallows Part Two Level Back To Hogwarts.

Aragog also appears dead in Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 and has his left side pincer removed by Hagrid following burial and given to Professor Horace Slughorn in the Half-Blood Prince level The Last Memory.

Year TwoEdit

Aragog appears first as a baby lego spider in the Chamber of Secrets Level Tom Riddle's Diary escaping from the chest he was kept in by Hagrid and escaping Tom Riddle.

Aragog then appears in the following fifth level Follow The Spiders who scares away Fang.

He glanced at Harry's card images of Moaning Myrtle and Hermione Granger proving he isnt the monster from the Chamber Of Secrets.

He then attempted to advance Harry but was startled back by a stone propelled at him from Ron who was perched on a small hill.

Aragog then appeared as a boss with three hearts who attacked Harry and Ron.

The only way to defeat Aragog was to stun a black medium sized Acromantula and use Wingardium Leviosa and Hurl to throw the spider at Aragog depleting one of three hearts.

The process then must be repeated two more times to complete the boss fight.

Aragog then appears chasing Harry and Ron through the forest as they are riding their Flying Ford and Motorcycle Anglia.



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