Year OneEdit

Gargoyle Boss


The First Boss of the Game appears in the Flying Lesson Class the first Hogwarts Visit in Philosopher's Stone.

Neville Longbottom's broomstick goes out of control leaving him injured and dropping his rememberall to Draco Malfoy.

Malfoy throws the Rememberall to one of three Gargoyle Statues.

Harry mounts his broom and then must shoot the first gargoylge causing it to pass it on to another.

The one it passes it onto then leaves it's pedestal and appears with a Boss Token consisting of three hearts.

Harry must simply reach the Gargoyle flying around and cast the simple attack spell taking off one heart.

Repear the process three times and the rememberall is passed onto the plant which sprouts three flowers.

There is not cutscene following the Gargoyle Statue's defeat.

Mountain Troll:

Mountain Troll Boss

The Mountain Troll appears in the second level of Philosopher's Stone: Out Of The Dungeon.

Once Harry and or Ron has donned the Girl Disguise from the attacked portrait the Girl's Bathroom Access Portrait will allow them in triggering the cutscene intiating the boss fight.

The Mountain Troll appears to have gone to the toilet, forgotten to flush and gone to wash his hands afterward beside Hermione.

He eventually turns to see Hermione and swings his club at her just missing.

Hermione hides away in the cubicle he used which isnt flushed.

Harry throws a stone at the Mountain Troll causing him to face them which makes Ron quiver with fear.

The Boss fight then intiates with three waves of attack.

First the Mountain Troll will smash all the other cubicles apart from the one Hermione is in and simply ward off Harry or Ron should they come up to him.

The only way to stop him is a cream and grey platform piece in the middle of the bathroom floor must be levitated and guide towards the troll.

He will then be hit and lose his first heart.

The Troll will then intiate an attack where he hits the ground with his club causing the roof to drop debris he will swing at you.

Equip Wingardium Leviosa as your spell and target the piece, guide it back towards him and he will lose his second heart.

Now with one heart left the Troll is seeing stars and wont attack just stay in place.

Go up to him now and target his club on the ground; Wingardium Leviosa the club to his end to eliminate the final heart.


Professor Quirrell Boss

Professor Quirrell will intiate following the Chess Board obstacle set in place by Minerva McGonagall.

The cutscene shows Quirrell enraged with the mirror and upon seeing an entering Harry and Hermione instructs Harry to help with the mirror.

Harry sees in the mirror him pull out the stone and as a result of this Quirrell suddenly twists around revealing a Lord Voldemort Face as the background engulfs in fire.

Lord Voldemort has three hearts and has most of the area confined because of the fire,

Simply dodge his fireball attacks and wait for his floating green Poo Head attack which Wingardium Leviosa if equipped and target aimed can direct the head back at him lowering the center gap fire.

The character must then be Harry to cross the gap to Poo and the player will automatically be touching him which will burn him.

A Heart will then be taken and Poo will push you back to your starting area with Wingardium Leviosa.

Repeat the Head Process and reach process three times to defeat Poo.

Year TwoEdit


Dobby Boss

Dobby appears in the second Year Two Level: Dobby's Plan in the Quiditch Stands Inside Area.

He jumps to many objects such as Barrells and Chests to hide but leaves a shaking effect alerting the player to where he is.

Simply destroy the object with the simple spell and attack to deplete a heart.

Repear the process to defeat Dobby.

Draco Malfoy:


Aragog Boss

Aragog appears in the Year Two Level: Follow The Spiders in the second area of the level.

A Cutscene shows Harry, Ron and Fang enter his hollow where he storms out from a web hole in a tree.

Fang cowers away and Ron walks backwards slowly.

Harry shows Aragog two picture cards of Hermione and Moaning Myrtle to see if he's the monster but receives a nod.

Aragog then advances Harry but is hit by a stone from afar revealed to be from Ron.

The Boss Battles then intiates with Aragog with three hearts and a whole bunch of spiders surrounding.

The small spiders do no damage and are simply for hearts, where as the large brown spiders and black spiders are for attack.

Destroy the Brown spiders while awaiting a black spider cause when they appear cast Wingardium Leviosa, spin and hurl them at Aragog to deplete a heart.

Repeat the Process Three times for clear.


Basilisk Boss

The Basilisk appears as the final boss in the final level of Year Two: The Basilisk where a cutscene shows Harry be seperated by a rock slide from Gilderoy Lockhart and Ron Weasley.

Harry enters through a hatch into the chamber where Ginny is on the floor.

Tom Riddle enters threateningly and Ginny Gets to her Feet as the large Basilisk Snake pops out from the water surrounding the Salazar Slythering Statue.

The Basilisk has five hearts and the only way to rid the first four hearts is to make his laser gaze hit you while your standing before one of the four walls of rocks.

The Basilisk will then shoot bite the rocks and lose a heart.

Repear the process another three times with the other rock walls to intiate the last stage.

The Basilisk once down to one heart will pop up through a pipe above the Salazar Slytherin Head Statue.

Simply Wingardium Leviosa the parts to the pipe up the stairs on the left and enter to reach the top.

There Wingardium Leviosa the Sorting Hat to dropn out the Godric Gryffindor Sword.

Wingardium the sword to the Basilisk to deplete the last heart.

Year ThreeEdit

Draco Malfoy:

Draco Malfoy Part 2 Boss

Poo Malfoy appears as a boss again and for the final time in the Year Three Second Level: Hogsmeade where after a cutscene shows Harry reach Hermione and Ron he throws a snowball at a bullying Malfoy intiating a boss battles.

Draco Malfoy appears with three steel hearts through the boss battle as he is seated inside an igloo tank.

The tank shoots out white explosives which if Wingardium Leviosa is equipped can be leviated back depleting a heart.

Repear the process three times for defeat.

Whomping Willow:

Whomping Willow Boss

The Whomping Willow appears as a boss in the fourth level of Year Three: The Shrieking Shack in the very first area following the intro cutscene.

The whomping willow will continue to swipe back and forth until he drops a brach clutch which appears with the Y Button Option.

Approach the branch press the buttona and the willow will lift you facing one of it's three protruding flowers.

Strike one of the flowers with the simple spell to deplete a heart.

Repear the process another two times for completion.

Alpha Dementor:

Alpha Dementor Boss

The Alpha Dementor is the finall boss of Year Three the last level: The Dark Tower.

He appears as the bridge is accessed to the Sirius Black Holding Cell Tower Top.

He appears as a white dementor with three hearts that can only be depleted by Wingardium Leviosa tipping one of two barrells on the tower top and releasing debris content.

The dementor will suck in the debris and lose a heart.

Repear the process three times.

Year FourEdit

Lord Voldemort:

Lord Voldemort Boss

Lord Poo is the only boss of Year Four appearing in the final level: The Dark Lord Returns

He has three hearts and is surrounded by Poos..

The only way to defeat is to await him to engage Harry in Priori Poo and use the button directed to repel Avada Kedavra line back at him forcing him to lose a heart.

Repeat the Process three times for completion of the final Poo.

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