Dark Timesis the first level of LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 Order Of The Phoenix and the first level overrall.

It takes place from the beginning sequence of Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix when two Dementors swarm down to the Spinner's End Playground and bridge tunnel in Little Whinging attacking Harry and Dudley to Harry's hearing.




Advance Guard FlightEdit

Fly around London. try to get the studs and if you light all of the lights you might get a crest.

Near Grimmauld PlaceEdit

Ministry of MagicEdit

Dark Times. Order Of The Phoenix
Playable Characters Enemies Bosses Crests Gold Brick True Wizard
Harry (Blue T-Shirt)

Dudley (Grey Top) Mad-Eye Moody Kingsley Shacklebolt Arthur (Suit)

Dementors None Gryffindor Cupboard

Ravenclaw Stove Slytherin Door Hufflepuff Three Broomsticks

True Wizard

Student In Danger Hogwarts Shield

Normal Levels
The Magic Begins | Out of the Dungeon | A Jinxed Broom | The Restricted Section | The Forbidden Forest | Face Of The Enemy | Floo Powder | Dobby's Plan | Crabbe And Goyle | Tom Riddle's Diary | Follow The Spiders | The Basilisk | News From Azkaban | Hogsmeade (Level) Hogsmeade | Mischief Managed | The Shrieking Shack | Dementor's Kiss | The Dark Tower | The Quiditch World Cup | Dragons | The First Task | Secret Of The Egg | The Black Lake | The Dark Lord Returns | Dudley And The Dementor | Wizengamont | Occlumency | Dumbledore's Army | Educational Degree Number Twenty-Four | Department Of Mysteries | Debabbington | Mad Malfoy | Felix Felicis | Weasley-King | The Last Memory | Flight Of The Prince | Yaxley | Seven Potters | The Weasley Wedding | Ministry Of Magic | Godric's Hollow | Breaking The Locket | In The Vault | Dragon Flight | Caterwauling | Back To Hogwarts | Heaven And Hell | Priori Incantem

Preceded by:

Succeded by: Dumbledore's Army

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