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Dolores Umbridge is a purchasable character in Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 and a boss witch in the fourth Order Of The Phoenix Level Dumbledore's Army.

She is the High Inquistor Of Hogwarts Castle, Senior Undersecretary to Cornelius Fudge, Rufus Scrimgeour and Pius Thicknesse.

Year FiveEdit

Professor Umbridge appears first in the level Wizengamont overspraying perfume in the row shes sitting in at the Disciplinary Hearing Of Harry Potter.

Upon Amelia Bones rolling out the parchment image of a Harry behind bars Umbridge and some others raise their hands.

Amelia then proceeds to show the parchment image of Harry with no bars for which many others raise their hands including Amelia.

Umbridge becomes angry and hmphs upon it.

She is then seen in the following Hogwarts Castle Lessons as the teacher of the first class: Defense Against TheDark Arts.

Padma and Parvati Patil charm a little bird plane around the class like a torpedo but have it catch fire and scream in pain when Umbridge walks in.

Umbridge guides to two chalks to the blackboard and draws the picture of an Owl and a Parchment with an A+ and or F.

Harry becomes angry at Umbridge as she rolls out an image of Lord Voldemort and crosses it out then shooting out the large magic lettering calling Harry a liar.

Harr goes red and points his wand at her which causes Umbridge to laugh.

Umbridge then roars and scares Harry back to his seat and shoots out the letterig Detention Mr. Potter.

Harry's rage causes all the objects in the room including their desks to combust.

Umbridge then tasks Harry, Ron and Hermione with fixing it.

Umbridge appears again in the Hogwarts Castle following the level Occlumency where he attends her night-time detention.

There she makes him use a quill which burns an X into his hand for which Umbridge laughs and nods yes.

She appears as a boss in the fourth story level Dumbledore's Army as the end of the level she bursts into the Room Of Requirement.

Harry, Ron and Hermione have to try and break the platforms Umbridge spings to build a small kitten from broken object pieces which changes the enviroment to a angry pink and causes her to jump to the center right in the Harm Ring.

Following her defeat she appears as a enemy alongside Dorish and Kingsley Shacklebolt when Harry and Dumbledore have to fight them off.

The outro of the level shows an Education degree showing the photo of Umbridge in Dumbledore's Office as principal with only Filch in the background celebrating with a party hat and noise blower.

The scene then ends with Umbridge in the Great Hall with all of Dumbledore's Army having X's burned into their hands.

Umbridge appears in the following fifth level Educational Degree Number Twenty Four as every time Harry helps the people take down Umbridge's change plans pops out from a door.

She is then seen as Fred and George release the Weasley Fireworks into the great hall and fly off as she is swallowed by a dragon firework.

She appears upset and covered in slobber.

Harry, Ron and Hermione then head to her office and attempt to use the Floo Network from her fireplace but are caught by her.

She ties Harry to a chair with a whoopee cushion left by Fred and George for her.

She threatens Harry with a picture of Veritaserum of which she rings a bell to summon Snape to her.

She shows Snape the parchment picture but has him nod no and show a parchment graphic of her using the last of it on Cho Chang.

She then threatens him with the Crucio Curse for which Hermione springs up and hurls over the table showing the parchment image of Dumbledore which then spells out the magic lettering Secret Weapon.

Umbridge nods and then prods Hermione and Harry out the door.

Umbridge follows Harry and Hermione into the Forbidden Forest where Grawp has escaped his chain.

After levitating the chain so it attaches to the bicycle bell Grawp owned Umbridge nods her head no and then threatens the two of them showing a parchment image of her with lots of children and a sad face on her.

A Centaur's arrow then shoots at the parchment causing Umbridge to drop it as she looks up and sees a horde of Centaurs all steaming red in the face upon looking at her.

Harry then blinks to Hermione as the two of them cartwheel out of the way of Umbridge allowing arrows straight at her.

Umbridge directs one wand carefully into a tree but is then completely plowed down a following arrow.

Umbridge while on the ground notices the chain with the bike bell.

She shoots the chain at one of the centaurs which begins to tickle him.

As she continues to tickle him with the chain Hermione screams in horror.

Grawp then appears and scares Umbridge causing her to drop her wand.

Grawp picks up Umbridge as the Centaurs attack for their friend not being tickled anymore.

They attempt everything to hurt Grawp including dropping a boulder on his head but it does nothing.

They then step on Grawp's toe causing him wail and drop waterfall tears down on Harry and Hermione.

Grawp also drops Umbridge in the process.

The centaurs then carry of Umbridge and the chain.

Umbridge is finally seen in Order Of The Phoenix in the last level Department Of Mysteries Outro where a Daily Prophet Photo shows her screaming at a centaur picture as Filch helps put her bags behind whilest staring at her back with a smile and love hearts appearing.

Year SevenEdit

Umbridge appears once again in the Deathly Hallows Part One level Ministry Of Magic.

She appears as a boss in the level in the Wizengamont room threatening Mary Cattermole.

Followign her defeat she dons Mad Eye Moody's rotating eye and a pirates patch chasing Harry, Ron, Mary and Hermione.

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