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Harry Potter


Philosopher's Stone

Chamber Of Secrets

Prisoner Of Azkaban

Goblet Of Fire (Book only)

Order Of The Phoenix

Half-Blood Prince (Book only)

Deathly Hallows (Movie only)

Dudley Dursley (Born July 23, 1991) was a Muggle who was the only son of Vernon Dursley and Petunia Dursley.

Years 1-4Edit

Dudley was fat, spoiled, and constantly rude to his cousin, Harry Potter but becomes more fearful of him after when Rubeus Hagrid gives him a pig tail. In Year 2, he helps open the door for Mr. Mason and Mrs. Mason when they arrived and studdered when he saw the pudding flying to the living room. In Year 3, he was more lazier than ever when Vernon bought another TV so Dudley can see it around the house. When Marge Dursley was swelling up he got hit twice by her buttons. In Year 4, he was put on a diet due to his obesisity but he had been steeling sweets and then his father threatened his will cut his pocket money if he keeps doing it causing him to go berserk and throwing his Playstation out the window.

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