The First Brother was a Wizard who was one of the three brothers who were to first to have owned the Deathly Hallows (Objects). He was described as a combative man and had a dangerous amount of alcohol breaking up a wizard who he had an argument with. One day, he and his brothers went by a treacherous river which was too perilous to cross and made a bridge using his wand. Death became angry with the brothers for cheating on him and pretended to congradulate the First Brother's skills. The brother asked for a wand in existance that can always obey its master and Death gave the brother the Elder Wand from a tree branch by the banks of the river. After that, he separated from his siblings and went to a distant village and killed the wizard whom he argued in a duel. He went to a nearby inn and bragged about how he snatched it from Death himself and his invincibility. During the night another wizard snooped in his room and stole the Elder Wand and slit the brother's throat leaving Death having his dead body for his own.

In the LEGO versionEdit

Unlike the book and film, the First Brother does not seperate from his siblings (which was to make the game two-player) and his death was much different. Instead of getting his throat slit, Death grabs him along with his other two brothers.

He is a playable character but was not part of the playable cast in the consoles versions. In the portable versions however he is part of it. He is cost for 750,000 studs after finding his character in the first level in Year Seven Part 1.


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