Christmas is a Timso do so dc fur uhh f2f h Dr th f2f :(gfgfghtrfggvtggfffgvvggg g Hugh Hitchcock ft ft gygt hmm of year to celebrate Lee no vtyvygtctfct with the family. Christian s normally c err or bob it. Harry Potter normally  celebrates Christmas in 13 Grimmauld place (the home of the Order of the Phoenix). He celebrates in the the Order of the Phoenix book there and he also celebrates there for the half - blood Prince. In other Harry Potter books he celebrates err s in Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry to avoid spending Christmas with the dreaded Dudleys. He also spends Christmas in the burruw home of the Weasleys and in Hufflepuff`s puffing laboratory in Middlesex,England. Christmas was also the time when he learnt about the Order of the Phoenix and the Blackvfamily. It is also a relaxing time for Harry away from school work.

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