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Horace Slughorn is a playable party member wizard professsor character appearing in Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7.

He is the Potions Master Of Hogwarts Castle in Year Six Half-Blood Prince and an appearing fighting teacher in Year Seven Deathly Hallows Part Two.

Year SixEdit

Slughorn first appears in the Half-Blood Prince first level Debabbington as Harry and Albus Dumbledore find him to be pretending to be an armchair in a smashed up cottage home.

He has taken over the residence while the muggle propietors of the home have taken vacation to the Canary Islands.

He is playable following that in the short sequence where he helps Harry as Dumbledore rushes to the loo, fix the place.

He appears again in the second level Mad Malfoy on the Hogwarts Express holding a parchment reading Slug Club Members.

He goes from compartment to compartment waving politely to the students inside marvelling to see if they have any abilities.

He first picks a fat boy student gorging out on food in his compartment who has a photo of a wizard dad winning an award.

He then goes to a compartment with two twins who are apparating all over the place.

He marks them down too.

He then sees Ginny Weasley in the aisle casting a Bat Bogus Hex which impresses him causing him to list her on the parchment too.

He then enters the compartment with Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville and selects Harry and then Hermione seeing she to have a stack of books and linquistic skills with her pouts.

He then gestures Hermione and Harry to follow him.

Ron becomes angry at this and as Neville pats him on the back he growls.

Slughorn then leads Harry and Hermione to his compartment where he has all the others on his parchment.

They all appear crammed in there.

Slughorn then shows the entering Harry and Hermione the parchment.

Hermione goes in to have a closer look as Harry turns around and notices Draco Malfoy shoving down the aisle.

He glances at his wrist and sees the Dark Mark.

Draco Malfoy notices hes looking and quickly pulls down his sleeve.

Ginny who was the Slughorn compartment gets up and rushes after Harry leaving Hermione half holding Slughorn's parchment.

Slughorn appears again in the following Hogwarts Castle part where he has a potions class as instructed by Minerva McGonagall that Harry and Ron have to attend.

Slughorn's potions class also happens to be the first lesson of Year Six.

Slughorn first teaches the class the Draft Of Living Dead which they have to retrieve the ingredients to make.

With the help of a mysterious Potions Book which reads Property of the Half Blood Prince Harry finds better and ingredients and produces a perfect Draft Of Living Death winning a bottle of Felix Felicis from Slughorn.

Slughorn continues onto appear with the Potions Lessons: Butterbeer, Antidote For Uncommon Poisons and the Wiggenweld Potion.

He also appears in the third story level: Felix Felicis where Harry produces an advanced version of Draft Of Living Death which wins him another bottle of Felix Felicis in being that his last bottle was knocked over by Draco Malfoy.

Slughorn appears again in the fifth level the Last Memory where Harry must trail Slughorn dodging patrolling prefects and Filch to gain the memory of Slughorn divolging Horcruxes to Lord Voldemort back when he was Tom Riddle.

Harry follows Slughorn to McGonagall who leads Harry, Ron and Hermione to Hogsmeade where Slughorn enters the Three Broomsticks.

Harry must then produce a tasty glass of Butterbeer and Firewhisky to appease Slughorn which completes the first part of the manipulation into giving the memory.

The second being Harry having Ron eat some love potioned chocolates and having to be brought to Slughorn.

Slughorn back taps the chocolate out of him and then toasts a drink.

Ron the goes green and starts to shake crying.

Harry then uses a Bezoar to heal Ron and credits Slughorn to Dumbledore winning the second and second last part of the manipulation into gaining the memory.

The Third part sees Harry drink half the Felix Felicis Bottle and head super-fast after Slughorn passing the swarms of prefects patrolling the grounds.

Harry catches Slughorn stealing Venomous Tentaculas and persuades him into seeing Hagrid.

They come to find Aragog dead which upon sight causes Slughorn to scream and then Harry to laugh and then scream.

Harry with Wingardium Leviosa and Hagrid bury Aragog.

Slughorn after the burial shows a picture that an Acromantula Fang earns money.

Hagrid then pulls up Aragog from the ground causing Slughorn to faint and then removes a fang.

He throws it onto Slughorn which upon him waking causes him to faint again.

Hagrid and Harry then drag Slughorn into Hagrid's Hut where party celebrate before Slughorn and Hagrid begin a crying session.

Harry then shows a parchment graphic of his parents deaths by Lord Voldemort causing Slughorn to sulk at his feet.

Slughorn then reaches for his wand but accidentally grabs the Aragog Fang.

He throws it away and then grabs his wand.

He pulls the silver memory stream from his head causing him to go dizzy which then Harry takes.

Slughorn appears in the memory being frightened into a corner by Tom Riddle and shows a Parchment graphic depicting how to split your soul into a object making a Horcrux.

Year SevenEdit

Slughorn makes a final appearence in Year Seven Deathly Hallows Part Two Level Back To Hogwarts Being Coaxed by the teachers McGonagall, Flitwick, Sprout and Binns into fighting.

He is seen as Harry meets up with Hermione and Ron on the Grand Staircase on a staircase platform which floats down fighting two Death Eaters.

He is then seen in the Outro Cutscene of the last level cheering amongst the crowd.

He is cost 10,000 studs when you find his character token in the level Love Hurts.

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