File:Placeholder other.png]] 1. Go to Gringotts. 2. Pick a vault where you finished a bonus level 3. Pick "Build Level"

People/ Regular: Settings: play, camera, pick person

Hazards: Fire, Devils snare, Boggart, Mandrake

Props: stuff such as trees, stuff you shoot spells at.

Special: exit , studs, potions and others

adventure: House and fun stuff

Moody: Creatures

Aragog, spider etc.

Enemies Voldemort, Death Eaters dementors etc.

Vehicles: Cars otorcycles Knignht Bus, etc.

Sirius Black: Controlnlandscaping of area.


Categories: Regular, street and Special.

To play, go to play level or settings or the entrance Portal.

In Hazards, there is like bosses, the dummy thing or whatever it's called.

Thanks for reading!

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