Marge Dursley

Marjorie Eileen 'Marge' Dursley born 1949 was the older sister of Vernon Dursley sister-in-law to Petunia Dursley and Aunt to Dudley Dursley.

At one point during her life, presumably after she graduated from school, Marge became a bulldog breeder owning up to twelve bulldogs including a favourite one named Ripper.

          On holiday in the Isle of Wright

Some point in 1991 Marge went to the Isle of Wright as when Uncle Vernon read the letter saying she ate a funny whelk. Also she bought a gift For.Dudley's eleventh birthday party.

Marges stay

During the summer of 1993 Marge went to the Dursley household for a week but insulted James and lily potter Causing Harry to blow her up making Marge fly round the house and out.

Later Life

It's unknown what happened but had her memory erased causing her to forget the incident and the Dursley's might had have her round the next year.

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