The Mountain Troll is a non purchasable playable boss creature appearing in LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4.

Mountain Troll
[1250px-LEGO Troll

Harry Potter




Philosopher's Stone

He is the first moving Boss Token Boss in the game and was the obstacle set in place by Quirinus Quirrell to guard the Philosopher's Stone.

Year OneEdit

The Mountain Troll appears only in the second story level of Philosopher's Stone: Out Of The Dungeon.

He is smashing his away across the second floor corridor to the Girl's Bathroom.

He releases several blockades against Harry and Ron.

First of the Trolls Obstacles is the smashed up wall revealing a Scabber's entrypoint.

The second is the Boulder in front of the Mermaid Statue.

He then enters the Girl's Bathroom for which Harry or Ron must don the girl disguise from the Dresser Portrait to enter.

Once inside a Midtro cutscene intiates showing Hermione at the sink in the bathroom walked in on by the Troll.

The troll has come from a cubicle and began to wahs his hands as well as kicking his feet of exrement.

The troll turns to see Hermione and then attacks swinging his club at her.

He misses and smashes a sink instead watching her run and hide in the cubicle he used.

Hermione finds he didnt flush the cubicle and left a green mess inside.

Harry and Ron are then stared by the Troll intiating the boss fight.



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