Out Of The Dungeon is the second chapter of Year One.

It plays out the scene of the first Year Book and Film when Quirinus Quirrell unleashes the Mountain Troll Obstacle from the Stone Dungeons to distract the school during Halloween.

Hermione who though has been originally upset by Ron Weasley in the Book and Film has chocolate thrown at her in the Great Hall by Malfoy causing her to flee to the Girl's Bathroom.

Harry and Ron go to get Hermione upon learning of the Troll but find it to have left the Dungeon and headed for the Girl's Bathroom.

The Level Marks the first Boss of a Story Level and one with a moving Boss Character Token.


Harry Potter and Ron Weasley following their first year Hogwarts Castle Lessons enter the Great Hall for the Halloween Feast only to watch as Draco Malfoy throws a piece of chocolate cake at Hermione's face leaving her to flee to the Girl's Bathroom.

Professor Quirinus Quirrell then enter the Great Hall and displays that the Mountain Troll Guard of the Philosopher's Stone has escaped and is in the Dungeons.

Harry and Ron then proceed into the Girl's Bathroom Dungeon Corridor.

The Level takes place from the Philosopher's Stone Book Mountain Troll Troll Chapter and Film where the Troll Obstacle guarding the Philosopher's Stone is secretly unleashed by Quirinus Quirrell so he may access the stone.

It sees Harry and Ron rescue Hermione from the Mountain Troll who enter's the Girl's Bathroom and attacks her.


The First Area of the Level the long Dungeon Corridor leading into the Girl's Bathroom.

The Troll begins with Breaking a waqll revealing a Scabber's Entryway which emanates green gas from two points of the pipe blocking the way.

Ron must proceed to insert Scabbers in the pipes and hit the red buttons to relinquesh the gas.

The second area is beset by an immobile water fountain and a Mermaid Statue.

The Troll hits the ground and a boulder falls in place blocking off the next area.

Harrry and Ron must reach the above platform to intiate the golden knight.

The Mermaid Statue will then golf hit the boulder away,

The Third and final Dungeon Area holds first a portrait of an old wizard in red aside a dresser.

The rest of the area is a path to the Girl's Bathroom door the troll as entered which hold's a disapproving witch portrait Above who grants entry.

Harry and Ron must use the two portraits to their advantage and a girl disguise to enter the Girl's Bathroom

Girl's Bathroom

The Second and Final Area in which the Boss Battle Intiates.

Harry and Ron must use the learnt spell of Wingardium Leviosa to deplete the troll of it's three hearts to end the level.


Out Of The Dungeon. Philosopher's Stone
Playable Characters Enemies Bosses Crests Gold Brick True Wizard
Harry Potter Ron Weasley None Mountain Troll Gryffindor Entrance

Hufflepuff Fountain Slytherin Fountain Ravenclaw Locker

True Wizard Hogwarts Crest 60,000

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