Ronald Bilius Weasley is a main portrayable party member in LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 and 5-7.

Ron Weasley

Harry Potter


Ron (Blue Pyjamas)

Ron (Brown Jacket)

Ron (Brown Sweater)

Ron (Cardigan)

Ron (Dark Red Check)

Ron (Girl Disguise)

Ron (Green Shirt)

Ron (Hogwarts)

Ron (Jacket)

Ron (Quidditch)

Ron (Red Pyjamas)

Ron (Red Sweater)

Ron (Reg Cattermole)

Ron (Slytherin Disguise)

Ron (Striped Shirt)

Ron (Sweater)

Ron (Tuxedo)

Ron (Underwear)

Ron (Wedding)

Ron (Winter Clothes)




Philosopher's Stone,

Chamber Of Secrets,

Prisoner Of Azkaban,

Goblet Of Fire,

Order Of The Phoenix,

Half-Blood Prince,

Deathly Hallows

He is the younger brother of Bill Weasley, Percy Weasley, Fred And George Weasley and older brother of Ginny Weasley.

He is an animal release character like Hermione Granger and releases the Peter Pettigrew Rat Form Scabbers.

Years 1-4Edit

Year OneEdit

Ron first appears in the end cutscene of The Magic Begins and is playable through the following Hogwarts Castle and then second story level Out Of The Dungeon.

He is playable in the following four levels of Philosopher's Stone.

Ron was first introduced in Philosopher's Stone to Harry Potter about to enter Platform 9/3 4 where he crashes into him.

Ron then shared the same Hogwarts Express Compartment as Harry before being finally joined by Hermione Granger.

He accompanied Harry into the Great Hall For the Sorting Hat Ceremony.

Ron was first to be sorted and ended up in the house of Gryffindor then followed by Hermione and Harry.

Ron aided Harry on Halloween take down the loose Mountain Troll that attacked Hermione in the Girl's Bathroom.

He went on to help Hermione stop the jinxed broom of Harry's during his first quiditch game originally believed to be Professor Snape then later revealed to Quirrell.

Ron accompanied Harry into the Restricted Section to tail Albus Dumbledore then discovering the Mirror Of Erised.

Ron saw his heart desire appearing to him having won the Quiditch World Cup and having a adoring Hermione kiss him.

Ron then garnered a detention with Harry and Hermione for being out late at Hagrid's Hut.

He accompanied an eavesdropping Draco Malfoy, Harry, Hermione, Hagrid and Fang into the Forbidden Forest to recapture an injured unicorn prayed upon by Lord Voldemort.

Harry with Malfoy eventually came to the clearing where the Unicorn had fled to and was about be eaten by Voldemort.

Ron was forced with Hermione, Fang and Hagrid to find Harry but instead of saving him watched a centaur come to the rescue.

Ron then finally accompanied Harry and Hermione to the Third Floor after seeing a suspicious Quirinus Quirrell enter.

Ron attempted to play a trumpet to ease Fluffy following the destruction of the harp but failed to appease Fluffy.

Ron then went on through the Devil's Snare Chamber, Flying Keys Room and Wizard's Chess Board before falling over and being locked out of the Mirror Chamber.

Ron then appeared following Quirrell/Voldemort's Defeat in the Hospital Wing with Hermione, Dumbledore and Harry eating away the Berti Botts Flavoured Beans overpacked in chests.

Year TwoEdit

Ron re-appeared as a playable character in Chamber Of Secrets the first level Floo Powder! with Harry as they go from the Burrow to Knockturn Alley.

Ron appeared again in the second level Dobby's Plan along with Hermione and Hagrid taking on Dobby as he set a rogue bludger on Harry during his second quiditch game.

Ron appeared in the third level Crabbe and Goyle along with Harry under the Polyjuice Potion disguise of Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle.

He learned Draco Malfoy not to be the heir of slythering releasing the Monster Of The Chamber On The School.

Ron appeared in the first part of the fourth level Tom Riddle's Diary as Ron with Harry entered Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom to find her enraged after having a diary thrown at her.

Ron was knocked unconsious as Moaning Myrtle threw the diary at Ron leaving Harry to then open the diary and align with Tom Riddle.

Ron appeared in the following fifth level Follow The Spiders with Harry and Fang as after heding instruction from Hagrid head into the Forbidden Forest following the spiders to find out who truly opened the chamber of secrets.

Ron reaches the Forest Hollow with Harry and Fang to find a large acromantula Aragog that scares away Fang.

Ron and Harry fight Aragog and then escape in the Flying Ford and Motorbike Anglia.

Ron finally appears in Chamber Of Secrets in the sixth and final level The Basilisk where he with Harry and Gilderoy Lockhart enter the Chamber through Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom.

Ron gets seperated with Gilderoy from Harry in the Chamber as a botched Oblviate spell backfires and results in a seperating rockslide.

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