The Magic Begins is the first level of the Story Events and of Year One.

It chronicles Harry and Rubeus Hagrid arrive at the Leaky Cauldron bound for Diagon Alley to collect the Philosopher's Stone, Harry's Wizarding Money and wand from Ollivanders.

The Level features Harry with no Magic and instead Hagrid with the wand enchanted Umbrella, and party member Griphook with the ability to open doors.


The Leaky Cauldron

You will begin in the Leaky Cauldron. Use Hagrid to move everything possible with Wingardium Leviosa. Prime targets include silver cups and candles. You can obtain the Gryffindor Crest by using Wingardium Leviosa on the candle in the upper lefthand corner, then using the same spell to build a set of steps to reach it. Harry can roll into objects to obtain studs.

Have Harry stand on the platform in the upper righthand corner of the room while Hagrid raises it with Wingardium Leviosa. Run up the stairs and grab the handful of gold studs along with the handle. Plug it into the door and open it to continue.

Diagon Alley

Have Hagrid build the wall with Wingardium Leviosa to continue into Diagon Alley. Destroy the crates to the left and activate the nearby action spot to find the Slytherin Crest.

Use Hagrid's magic to continue collecting studs. A little further down the alley you will find a platform that can be raised on the right, so have Harry jump on it and go up to the roof. You will find a Student in Peril there.

Snag the potion ingredients and blow up the cauldron to remove the obstacle. Havig Hagrid pull the chain to enter Gringotts Bank.

Gringotts Bank

The Third Area Of The Level.

The Area Begins with Harry and Hagird entering Gringgot's Bank to align with Griphook to procure the Philosopher's Stone and Harry's fortune. First use Hagrid's Wingardium Leviosa spell to stack books and open chests when you enter the bank. It can also be used to activate the lamps that are found along the Goblin Tellers desks, which will make a blue stud appear.

You can also shoot at the desks with Hagrid's wand and destroy them for a large number of studs. You will not be able to open the gate to the dragon until later.

Take control of the goblin and have him open the gate. There are treasure chests here that can't be accessed yet, but you can still shoot the couches for studs.

Have Hagrid pull the lever to open the next gate. You will find a chest with more studs and another vault that only the goblin can open. Open it, then use Hagrid's wand to build a painting of a goblin. Interacting with it will allow you to proceed to the next scene.

Open the first vault and collect the money inside. Then have Hagrid pull the lever on the left side of the room to make the dragon withdraw. Have the goblin open the next vault to activate another scene.

Return To Diagon Alley

The Final Area Of The Level. Harry and Hagrid following the third Midtro Cutscene must enter Mr. Ollivander's to end the level

The Magic Begins. Philosopher's Stone
Playable Characters Enemies Bosses Crests Gold Brick True Wizard
Harry Potter, Rubeus Hagrid None None Gryffindor: Leaky Cauldron Portrait

Slytherin: Sugar Plums Store Hufflepuff: Cauldron Mess Clean-Up Ravenclaw: Gringotts Bank Foyer Cage

True Wizard,

Student In Peril, Hogwarts Crest


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