===Walkthrough*Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive

  • Developer: Traveller's Tales
  • Platforms: PC, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer
  • ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+)
  • Release Date: June 29, 2010


Year Four: The Goblet of FireEdit

The last year will see you learning some important stuff. One is the Aging Potion, the last potion you can learn in the game, which will let anyone that does not have Aged status cross the Age Lines, some of which block access to a few sections of Hogwarts (though just using an Aged character also works).

But the real important ability to learn is Reducto, the most valuable spell in the game. This spell lets you destroy any object made of steel. It's the only way to reach some major areas of Hogwarts, and the only way to get your earliest Dark Mage characters from Free Play mode (most Dark Mage characters require that you use Dark Magic to get).

While not necessary towards beating the story mode, getting a Dark Mage character gives you access to Crucio, which is the only way to destroy any black or red colored object emitting red sparks. Crucio and Reducto are a huge part of finding all the unlockables in the game.

By the end of Year 4, you should have access to every room in Hogwarts, including any area that requires Crucio or Reducto to access, as well as Dumbledore's Office in the Great Stairwell, of which you can only enter after beating the game.

Year One - The Magic BeginsEdit


  1. May as well play as Hagrid if you can as the magic-less Harry will be mostly useless for now. Run to the exit door and blow up the keg on the shiny floor.
  2. Have Harry stand on the shiny floor and then have Hagrid use Wingardium Leviosa to raise the floor up.
  3. Have Harry run up the stairs he's raised up to, grab the crank, attach it to the exit door, and levitate it to open the way out.
  4. Outside, use Wingardium Leviosa to levitate the blocks on the ground into the wall, making it move aside. You may now enter Diagon Alley itself.
  5. Run to the end of the alley to find a roadblock and a cauldron blocking your way. This will be the first of many times you will be searching for three ingredients to feed the cauldron (in this case, to blow it up and the roadblock with it).
  6. Start by grabbing the flowers off of the table nearby. Dump them into the cauldron. Note that it, like all ingredients, glow brightly and can be picked up and carried.
  7. Levitate the ice cream vendor's cart next to the cauldron and it will drop another ingredient. Dump it into the cauldron.
  8. Grab the red spider off the nearby web and dump it in as well. It will explode and take out the road block.
  9. Have Hagrid yank on the pull chain ahead; only characters with Superstrength can pull them. This will open the way into Gringotts.
  10. Inside Gringotts, you eventually want to walk up to the Interaction Point as Hagrid and press B. Griphook will join your group afterward; he can unlock safes and other locks. NOTE: If you are on Free Play, you will need to select him using the LB/RB buttons after recruiting him to make him appear.
  11. Have Griphook unlock the gate using the Interaction Point, then have Hagrid use the pull chain. Levitate the parts that fall out of the safe into a painting and use the Interaction Point that appears.
  12. Walk towards the cart you see inside the secret room that opens. You get a cutscene and then will end up at the vaults.
  13. Go left from where you start and have Hagrid use the pull chain to move the dragon, then have Griphook open the lock. Enter the vault to get a cutscene and then be sent outside.


  1. House Crest #1: Inside The Leaky Cauldron, use Wingardium Leviosa on the two candlewicks by the bar, then levitate the remains of the tables they blow up into portaits, then finally use the same spell on the nearby chairs to jump to the floating crest.
  2. House Crest #2: Simple; once you enter Diagon Alley, walk over to the Interaction Point with any character and press B to get the easiest crest in the game.
  3. House Crest #3: After blowing up the green cauldron, it leaves behind green goop on the ground outside Gringotts. Find a barrel and levitate it to make it dump LEGO parts. Levitate the parts to create some sort of broom-powered vehicle. Ride it over the green gunk to clean it up and receive a crest for your trouble.
  4. House Crest #4: Inside the lobby at Gringotts, use Reducto to blast the lock on the gate behind Griphook, then have Hagrid yank the pull chain beyond it.
  5. Gold Brick #1: Beat the level.
  6. Gold Brick #2: Get True Wizard at 22000 Studs
  7. Gold Brick #3: Find all four House Crests.
  8. Gold Brick #4: Rescue the Student in Peril.
  9. Student in Peril: In Diagon Alley, have one partner stand on the sparkling brown patio table closer on the right-hand side of the street from the entrance to The Leaky Cauldron, and have another use Wingardium Leviosa to raise the table up to the Student.
  10. Mr. Olliander: After Griphook opens the gate, go left and blast the steel lock on the chest there with Reducto, then shoot the chest.
  11. Tom the Innkeeper: After Griphook opens the gate, go right and blast the steel lock with Reducto on the chest next to the ride-able cart. Blast the chest open.
  12. Griphook: Right next to you when you enter the vaults; just shoot the steel lock off the chest using Reducto and shoot the chest open.

Hogwarts Studies: Part OneEdit

Wingardum LeviosaEdit

  1. You start with Ron and Harry. Explore the Gryffindor Dorm if you wish, then exit into the Gryffindor Common Room.
  2. Hermione will join the group in the common room. Approach the exit and a strange dresser will run around eating up pants on the ground and blocking the exit.
  3. Shoot the painting of the red-robed wizard next to the mad Wardrobe. His pants will fall off, distracting the dresser and allowing you to pass.
  4. In the House Hall area ahead, follow the ghost that leaves behind ghost LEGO studs down the stairs.
  5. The ghost leads you into the Great Stairwell. Go up the stairs, ignoring the ghost studs for now. Have Ron bring out Scabbers (press B), and guide Scabbers into the tube so that he rams the bell at the other end.
  6. Go back down the stairs and you will now see an Interaction Point. Use it to move the staircase; follow the ghost stud trail now that you can.
  7. In the next room, the Lobby, explore if you wish, then take the exit to the left-hand side. Follow the ghost stud trail in the next room into Prof. Flitwick's classroom.
  8. After the cutscene, you will have Wingardium Leviosa. You will have to unlock it for good though by rescuing three Students in the classroom (they do not seem to count towards your Students In Peril totals).
  9. First student is simple; right after the cutscene and learning Wingardium Leviosa, just use the spell on the nearby crane holding the heavy weight.
  10. Go to the left afterward and look for two giant LEGO pieces. Use Wingardium Leviosa to make a set of steps that will let you jump up to the second floor.
  11. Next, shoot the manacled man in the painting by the second Student hanging from the chandelier, then use Wingardium Leviosa on the resulting bits, then again on the weight to rescue the student.
  12. For the last Student, use Wingardium on the knight suit's torso and drop it on the knight's "legs" on the pedestal. Next, drop the knight's helmet on the torso, then float its halberd over to it. Finally, use Wingardium Leviosa on the heavy weight; the knight will use his halberd to keep the weight up.
  13. Exit Flitwick's classroom and follow the ghost to the room with the gate underneath the walkway above. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the big LEGO blocks to build the tower depicted in the painting to the left of the gate. When all three are built, the path will open.
  14. Climb the stairs in the next room and shoot the bookshelf nearby George and Fred Weasly, then use==Out of the Dungeon==


    1. You are controlling Ron and Harry. Follow the blue troll in the first section. The first thing he does is wreck some pipes, leaking toxic gas.
    2. Send Scabbers into the piping and have him shut down the toxic gas by bumping the valves inside.
    3. Follow the blue troll; he will wreck a statue, causing a giant globe to fall and block the path. First use the nearby big LEGO blocks to climb onto the bookshelf near the fountain.
    4. Next, follow the walkway above, jumping over the gap above the fountain to the torch by the gold knight. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the torch, causing the gold knight to cause some damage to the environment.
    5. Levitate the resulting pieces to create a harpoon, then levitate the harpoon into the hands of the nearby giant statue and it will knock the globe away.
    6. Finally, you'll need a disguise to get past the exit door. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the lamp above the painting past the statue that knocked the globe aside.
    7. Shoot the painting afterward and it will turn your character into a woman. While a woman, use the Interaction Point by the door to open it.
    8. In the next room, you will take on the troll. It will smash the bathroom stalls; after it does, levitate the wreckage into its head to damage it.
    9. It will respond by batting junk at Harry and Ron; levitate the junk it launches right back into it for more damage.
    10. Afterward, it will stand there stunned, dropping its club. Use Wingardium Leviosa to levitate the club above its head, then release in mid-air to send it tumbling onto the creature's head; this will finish the job (you may need to try this a couple times due to iffy hit detection).


    1. House Crest #1: In front of the fountain in the first section are three flopping fish out of water. Levitate them into the fountain.
    2. House Crest #2: In the first section, there are nine empty plant pots; zap all nine for the House Crest. They are mostly easy to spot save for the last one, located to the right of the exit door (you'll need to adjust the camera to spot it).
    3. House Crest #3: The level has seven wall crucibles you must light using Wingardium Leviosa. There are four in the first section and three in the bathroom where you fight the troll.
    4. House Crest #4: You need Reducto to shoot the steel lock on the valve in front of the fountain. Once that's done, levitate the valve to turn on the waterworks; ride it to the crest.
    5. Gold Brick #1: Beat the level.
    6. Gold Brick #2: Get True Wizard at 48000 Studs
    7. Gold Brick #3: Find all four House Crests.
    8. Gold Brick #4: Rescue the Student in Peril
    9. Student In Peril: After the troll smashes the bathroom stalls, it will reveal a Student that's just standing there among the wreckage; touch her to rescue her.
    10. Ron (Girl Disguise): Right at the start, have Hermione or any Bookworm character open the Magic Bookcase.
    11. Harry (Hogwarts): Before going into the women's bathroom, blast the steel lock on the desk with Reducto, then shoot the desk open.
    12. Madam Malkin: Inside the women's bathroom, blast the steel lock on the green lockers to the left with Reducto, then shoot the middle locker and use the footstool that pops out to jump up to it.

Wingardium Leviosa on the resulting parts to unlock the exit. Take it to start "Out of the Dungeon".

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